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Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

Fresh vegetables a healthy part of every diet. If you are enthusiastic about sculpting your body or maybe want to tone it that extra bit, vegetables help in increasing your overall health by maximizing your weight loss efforts. It is said that just eating 8-9 servings of fresh vegetables in a day, you can improve your immunity against diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart ailments. 
Here are top vegetables for a healthy diet, that definitely help your health.
Beetroots has vitamin K which is related to decrease the chances of type 2 diabetes. Beetroot also reduces the risk of the heart problem, stroke. It effectively reduces the high cholesterol levels. It is the best energy booster, research shown that 250 ml of beetroot juice before exercise stimulate blood vessels. Cooking tip: Take a bunch of beetroots and saute with olive oil and garlic for a healthy side dish, or chop and add to soup or pasta.

Tomatoes are Technically known as a fruit, tomato generally eaten as a well-liked…